Since 2009 I’ve been a director of Pasigraphy Ltd, a company I set up & run with my wife.

Over many years I’ve worked both for and with a variety of organisations, including multiple subsidiaries of the largest logistics businesses in the world, a leading branding agency, a global BPO provider, a leading UK print and stationery supplier, a shipping specialist and assorted retail groups amongst other things. I’ve been both team and technical lead in small- and medium-sized teams, and also worked as the sole developer. I’m versatile.

I’ve worked on a range of projects including custom finance tools, finance systems integration, Business Intelligence and reporting and more.

I consider myself expert in several programming languages and have a sound working knowledge of several more – I cut my teeth on BASIC and Fortran in the early 1980s – although I mostly work with SQL (in various flavours), XML, Java, Javascript, VB, VBA and try to keep my hand in with C, C#, Perl when I can. The main thing I’ve learned is that writing functional code is a job, writing code that’s both functional and beautiful is an art.

I’m also a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, which ensures I keep fully up-to-date with statistical methods with real-world application, but that’s just for fun.