Excel: moving from menu to ribbon

For users of Excel the change from the familiar old menu bar, in Excel 2003 and earlier, to the new ribbon, in Excel 2007 or 2010, things can be a bit of a shock. Things aren’t where you expect, some may not even be in a place you consider sensible. But, now you’ve upgraded, let’s look at a way to deal with this.

The way I see things, it can be pretty much defined with these choices:

  1. downgrade back to your old familiar version of Excel;
  2. ask a friendly developer to write a custom menu set-up for you to replicate the old 2003 menu;
  3. get to grips with the changes

Option 1, would seem a shame; option 2, although it may be tempting, is not the way to go; option 3 is easier with a rough guide to where they’ve all gone.

Note that, in addition to all the ribbons, there is also a Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), in it’s default position this is at the very top of the application.

[table id=2 /]

For those who’d like to have a play with the official Microsoft Office interactive guides just click on the link.