Excel: moving from menu to ribbon, pt. II

I did say, in the post Excel: moving from menu to ribbon, that getting a friendly developer to write a custom menu set-up for you to replicate the old 2003 menu is not the way to go. Irrespective, I consider myself both friendly and a developer so we do actually have an add-in available, for those who’d like to disregard my previous advice.

Reasons why you should:

  • the ribbon takes time to learn (muscle memory, anyone?)
  • you have projects backing up and want to get on with work as usual while you get to grips with the new ribbon
  • it works with both Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, seamlessly
  • we’ve made it simple for you

This add-in is easily installed and adds a single button on the Quick Access Toolbar, which gives you access to all the familiar menu options.

It is free for non-commercial use, such as at home, for students or for charitable organisations. If you use it in a commercial organisation you can simply purchase a per-user license key from us.

For more information click on the link to our sister site, pasigrAPPS.