I’m a Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

As a freelance BI Developer, I produce highly usable data analysis, dashboards and spreadsheet models for my clients, using a wide range of BI reporting tools. Custom-built, high-impact dashboards are my speciality, whether using Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Tableau or the Microsoft BI Stack.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve worked extensively with Jaspersoft and Pentaho. There’s a vast range of BI tools and capabilities on the market however, so please contact me if you have a specific development tool in mind, as I also have experience with a number of other Open Source and Cloud analytics products.

Prior to this I was developing data reporting & financial models in MS Office with custom VBA code from the early 1990s, pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved in Excel & Access far beyond their usual function as standard business tools.

Whether you’re looking to get more or better reporting from your existing software and tools, or are implementing a new analytical model, I can provide the expertise you need.

What does BI involve?

BI is a term that encompasses a very wide range of options from spreadsheets to OLAP, digital dashboards, data mining and warehousing, ETL, decision engineering, business performance management – and much more.

Essentially, you have a need to find relevant information quickly, to fulfil a particular business need. Perhaps you’re looking to automate processes in order to increase accuracy, you need better understanding of your revenue and expenditure streams or you simply want to measure performance targets. And these are only a few of many commercial drivers that good BI can help address.

I’ll help you extract the right information from the mass of data that’s already held in your databases and present it in a way that’s useful to you. If the data is in your system there’s nearly always a way to extract it and make use of it to benefit your business. Data storage is an overhead, so why not make your data work for a living?

Have a look at my blog for some articles on different aspects of BI reporting development. I don’t write posts often but I like to think they’re worth reading each time I do.

Custom VBA development

I still provide VBA development services, both to provide automation for repetitive tasks and to add complex customisation to MS Excel, extending it’s capabilities beyond that which the out-the-box application can provide. I now specialise in MS Office for Mac, but I’m equally fluent with development on the MS Windows platform.

If these services sound like something you need, then please get in touch . I can work to your specifications, either as part of your existing team or as a sole developer. Let’s get together and make your data work for you.