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Generating SSH keys (Mac OS X)

Now I know that this is a subject that’s been done to death and can be found all over the t’interweb, but the truth is that I don’t want to have to search for it every time I remember that I’ve forgotten the exact keystrokes to do it. Thus, another post, but at least it’s one which I can easily lay my hands on!

To choose a suitable passphrase or not?

There are two schools of thought on this: don’t choose a passphrase vs. do choose a passphrase.

The problem with the first, obviously, is that it leaves you without any real security for your SSH key.

The problem with the second, as I see it, is that if it’s secure enough to make it difficult to crack then you’ll probably write it down, save it in your keychain etc – at which point it becomes redundant as your security is now out of the window. Continue reading

Security: Password Strength

Passwords and password strength is one of those subjects that comes up a lot.

Nowadays we all have access to password generators, for instance via sites like Bad Neighborhood or hosting management software like cPanel (which includes one for setting up new users with strong passwords). The passwords they generate may be totally unmemorable, of course, but they are very strong. Continue reading