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What is a Spreadsheet Engineer?

Well, there’s a question: what is a Spreadsheet Engineer, as opposed to a Spreadsheet Developer?

We’ve already skirted around this in my previous article about Spreadsheets and Risk. Since nearly everyone can ‘develop’ a spreadsheet model by entering some data and saving the file we can extend the idea of ‘Spreadsheet Developer’ to anyone in your business who is using a spreadsheet package and creating their own spreadsheets. And make no mistake, there’s a definite risk involved in this, most often not even recognised. Continue reading

Spreadsheet Use And The Risk To Your Business

This is a simple idea with, perhaps, complex and, from a business perspective, important implications. Nowadays, with the near-universality of spreadsheet use in so many businesses, it has become almost too easy for every user to “develop” a spreadsheet, whether for use only by themselves, by a small team or across the whole business. In fact most organisations have a de facto spreadsheet culture.

But maybe first we need to have a little background and what better than the results from a survey of nearly 1,600 spreadsheet users? Continue reading