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Generating SSH keys (Mac OS X)

Now I know that this is a subject that’s been done to death and can be found all over the t’interweb, but the truth is that I don’t want to have to search for it every time I remember that I’ve forgotten the exact keystrokes to do it. Thus, another post, but at least it’s one which I can easily lay my hands on!

To choose a suitable passphrase or not?

There are two schools of thought on this: don’t choose a passphrase vs. do choose a passphrase.

The problem with the first, obviously, is that it leaves you without any real security for your SSH key.

The problem with the second, as I see it, is that if it’s secure enough to make it difficult to crack then you’ll probably write it down, save it in your keychain etc – at which point it becomes redundant as your security is now out of the window. Continue reading

Excel: Merging CSV Files The Easy Way

For reasons which are best not explained, I was given some large data exports that had been created as a dozen or so Excel sheets (to the tune of 40,000+ lines per sheet) and asked to convert them into something more useful. Specifically, a CSV file. Continue reading